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Aircrack-ng 1.2 RC 2

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Manage your WiFi connections better with the wonderful Aircrack-ng 1.2 RC 2

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Monday, May 18, 2015

WiFi are becoming a major source of internet providers in recent days due to their ability to connect without the need for wired connections. This mode of internet supply can be able to serve over a large radius area and need to be strongly protected by use of security passwords which inhibits people from stealing the connections. Such kind of securities need to be strong and not easy to crack and needs a good utility to check that and this kind of tool is only found in Aircrack-ng

With this app users will be able to monitor their networks and detect if the computers have been affected by malware from risky downloads. Due to its complexity in installing, this app comes with tutorials to help users get started. Go make it better for use this app is highly adaptable to a wide range of adapters. Aircrack-ng is able to detect and capture data packages from available networks in any locality and has WPA to help users get access to the locked networks within their range.


  • - Highly adaptable with a wide range of adapters
  • - Free tutorials available to help users get started.
  • - Allows access to private networks easily


  • - It is very hard to use for beginners
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Check the security of your network, recover keys and reconnect again with Aircrack-ng 1.2 RC2

By Reka Gimbi

On Friday, June 12, 2015

There is so much insecurity online and we all need to be alert since things can go bad thinking that you are safe. For those who take caution of their security and privacy, Aircrack-ng has come up with a utility called Aircrack-ng 1.2 RC 2. This utility is free to download and can use it to check your network security and also can be used to recover keys. This means it can detect and recover wired equivalent privacy or (WEP) and WiFi protected access or (WPA) giving you access to protected networks. Here you can check if the system is attacked on net or through download. And since this application is not that easy to use one needs to learn its basics through some tutorials available. The application also comes complete with three very useful tools which are airdrive, Mordecai and airmon and this gives Aircrack-ng ability to detect and analyze any WLAN available around.

Aircrack-ng is a very useful security detection tool to use bearing in mind that it is compatible to multiple wireless adapters.


  • Helps check the security of your wireless network
  • Recovers keys to expose you to protected networks
  • It has three different and very useful tools


  • It is very hard to beginners
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to connect other wifi connection without writting any character or password, for using this program its all about my personal work so i can use this as free.

  • Aircrack will help me to perfome more in the security system for mre penetraition and stability in my job i love it egain what is your probleme

  • i am medical student leaving in abbotabad.i cant keep wifi device all the time because i have not these facilities due low income.i am using this software for research purposes.

  • hacking wireless,also using the program during any download and use it as preventive measure against spyware and virus. thanks for your wonderful software

  • to manage my networks o that i dont get unpermitted ciphers playing around with my network. it should also help me to practice some of the security tips i have been learning

What similar programs have you used?
  • Aircrack is a program which helps you choose strong WPA-PSK passwords by helping you find vulnerabilities in your current network setup good.

  • aircrack is very good programs i love it because is very simple program i used in programa computer to take passwords in all wireless thank you

  • None, I have not used such programs ever before. I have to see vulnerability of my home network. hope as a new user, I can use it well. No bad intentions

  • i dont have any program similar like this this is a first time i use so hope fully this softway will be help me to get and make my work easyer

  • Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 3rd Edition, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Utorrent, Facebook, Viber, Telegram, Opera, Adobe Reader

What do you like most about this program?
  • efficiency and trnasparency,easy,real,its the most appealing hacking software that provides easy cracking process I lie very much because its easier to usetrue portable

  • feature like hack real password and so more .when i saw first time its video on u tube i realized to take this software because it has totaly good function.


  • it is very good software in my computer an i can use it to hack aacounts of people as well as keeping my accounts secure from the other hackers

  • I want to get WiFi password easily to help my work in the office because I have to use internet connection for that. I hope this site helpme

Aircrack-ngis a free WiFi utility available to download in order to check the security of your networks, recover keys and re-connect again.

Aircrack-ng is a free open source application which has become a very popular choice for those who are concerned about their privacy and security. It allows users to check if their systems have been attacked while surfing on the Internet or due to a risky download.

On the other hand, some users can experience problems while installing or using this tool, as it is not very easy to use. If this is your case, there are some tutorials to learn the basics to start using it.

Interesting tools

This utility comes with three useful tools: airdecap, airmon and airdriver. Thanks to this complete suite, Aircrack-ng is able to detect and analyze any WLAN which is available in your area.

In addition, it can capture data packages from any detected network and recover both WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (WiFi Protected Access) keys to enable you the access to locked networks.

Besides that, this tool has a great compatibility as Aircrack-ng supports a wide range of wireless adapters.

Similar alternatives

Security has become a priority for many users. For that reason, there are many similar utilities that provide the same kind of functionality.

RAR Password Recovery permits to recover forgotten passwords in RAR files. However, the speed of the process depends on the hardware and the difficulty of the different keys.

On the other hand, there is another network utility called WiFi Unlocker which also works as an auditor, recovers passwords and connects to locked networks.

Aircrack-ng 1.2 RC 2 Features

Below you will find the features of this Wi-Fi utility:

  • Three different tools: airdriver, airmon and airdecap
  • Analyze and check any Wlan around you
  • Access to private Wi-Fi networks
  • Check the security of your own wireless network
  • Capture data packages
  • Compatible with 802.11g, 802.11b and 802.11a

If you want to know more about this utility check the developer’s website .


Aircrack-ng is a very useful and powerful tool. However, it is highly recommend you to use this utility with your own system or the permission of the user who owns the network.

  • Reliable
  • Powerful
  • Free
  • A bit complex for new users