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Got To Get All Those New And Powerful Weapons To Save The World

By Beatrice Tan

On Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dream, believe, and I must survive. This line is so much popular to gamers who really love action games, especially when battling with aliens who seem not to be capable of dying. There are a lot of action games being introduced in the market nowadays but there are just some which are being patronized by many. For instance, Alien Shooter is one of the games I often play everyday.

This new version of Alien Shooter just got crazier. It has a lot of new things to offer that will surely be loved by the fanatics out there. And what am I talking about? The new gadgets, the powerful weapons and the unique style are the things that I really love about this new version. To improve the character, users must go and kill the enemies, discover new weapons, improve its skills and be well prepared with what may come during the game. Graphics are not that enhanced but I shall say that the effects are awesome. This game is also a strategic game because skills are being utilized to defeat the aliens and to save the world. Music had an improvement in this version, making the game more exciting.

In totality, there are many great things to enjoy about this version. The abilities of the character are somehow immeasurable depending on what gadget is being used. I advise everyone to play this.


  • There are new gadgets and weapons
  • There are many characters available


  • There is sometimes a delay on effects



Alien Shooter 2 is an action game in which you have to fight the external alien threat in order to survive.

Arcade games have evolved since their golden age. Now these games are deeper, more developed and with more options than before. Following this philosophy, Alien Shooter 2 revives the spirit of the shoot‘em up genre combining elements from classical RPG games.

This sequel adds more diversity to the previous game with more weapons, more gadgets and different atmospheric phenomena that change the game style.


This game will test your skills. You will need to explore each area completely to get new weapons and gadgets in order to be prepared for the real action. By killing enemies the player will get experience. Once you level up with the experience earned, you will be able to increase the different stat aspects of the character in order to get an improvement.

Alien Shooter 2 includes 50 different weapons and 20 gadgets. Among these weapons you can find flamethrowers, machine guns or freezing guns, each one with diverse effects. You must know the weak points of each type of creature to be more effective and save ammunition. Build up your own strategies in order to survive to the threat of the alien leader and save humanity.

Technical aspect

The game presents a simple graphic aspect but its effects are pretty detailed. Elements like fire, fog, ice or rain change the stage aspect as well as the different destroyable boxes and aliens. The sound aspect adds new effects along with the weapons and the new creatures you must eliminate.


There are plenty options for this kind of games that are pretty enjoyable such as DayZ with a zombie theme in which you will need to survive as well. Other action titles such as Left 4 Dead 2 or Alien Shooter 2 Conscription are also good options to spend your time.

Alien Shooter 2 1 Features

Here you will be able to find a list with the features of this shooter game:

  • Different characters available, each one with their unique skills
  • Upgrade skill system
  • New enemies with weak and strong points
  • Select the color of the blood from Green to red
  • Natural weather changes like rain or fog
  • Over 50 weapons with different characteristics such as freezing to burning skills
  • More music effects
  • Different gadgets that add more abilities

For further information about this game check the creator’s website .


Alien Shooter 2 gives you the action you need if you are looking for it. Rescue your comrades; kill those annoying aliens and save mankind by fulfilling your mission. Things will never be the same after this game.

Some functions are restricted

  • Large campaign mode
  • Good number of gadgets and weapons
  • Revives the genre
  • Not technically advanced