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Type Swiftly and Conveniently on your Mobile Gadget via SwiftKey Keyboard

By Kyle Daniels

On Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Worn out on your usual touch screen keyboard? Try this application that lets you type quickly and comfortably. This application is a touch screen keyboard that substitutes the typical devices' on-screen keyboards. This will make your texting a lot easier because of it's features.

I was surprised when I started using this application because I thought it's just a replacement of my on-screen keyboard's appearance. I noticed that it can predict the words that I will type next. On top of that, it can remember the words that I will type next because the application can learn how you type your texts and the style of your texting. Amazing isn't? It also have auto-correct feature that will pop up and it will let you replace the whole phrase that you're typing. SwiftKey Keyboard can actually operate three languages at the same time as you type because it has an automatic word editor. This app avoids you from typo-graphical errors and makes your typing a lot easier than before.

To conclude, this app is very useful for me and to those people that spend their time typing on their screens. It is also a big help if you're in hurry and you need to type or to text fastly. This application is really great.


  • It will make your typing easier
  • It has auto correct feature
  • It supports 60 different languages


  • Mobile devices may need internet connections
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SWIFT KEYBOARD type anything you want with ease

By Kevin Kimaita

On Thursday, November 27, 2014


This is simply a touch screen keyboard that appears in all of our smartphones when we are typing anything for example when we are typing a message or also when we are typing for a word to search for it on the internet.It is found in all smartphones including ios phones windows phones and also ndroissmartphones.The other cool thing about this application is that it has over 3 languages to choose from and as a user types the keyboard is able to predict the words that they are about to type including the saved words that is the words that the user has typed before and also new words


The following are the main features of swift keyboard

The application predicts for you words that you are supposed to write.

Supports many languages.

Corrects a user if they’ve made a mistake in spelling of the word.

Backs up words that a user uses frequently.


This application makes suggestions as a user types how amazing is this for me as I don’t have to waste a lot of time typing.


  • it supports very many languages
  • it is very easy to use


  • it needs one to have an internet connection to dowload.
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Make your typing experiences better by using the SwiftKey Keyboard

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Thursday, August 20, 2015

Keyboard is one of the most widely used input device to type words and texts in to the main screen of either a smart phone tablet or even a computer. With the new SwiftKey keyboard users of android phones will just like and enjoy their typing experiences. This keyboard is able to detect the words one types in three different languages. It also comes with a prediction engine which detects and completes the words one is typing at any given time.

This keyboard has a very good memory which is very useful to locate and use words that have already been typed before easier. This type of keyboard is able to detect the writing styles of different users hence it is highly cuistomizable.it also comes with an auto-correction feature which saves users time while typing.

This software comes with a predictive text tool that is very useful even for typing words which users don’t know their true spellings. The smart space figure is also very important in automatically formatting all your texts.


  • - The ability to work in three languages simultaneously makes it a perfect tool
  • - The prediction engine is very useful for people without good English know how
  • - Supports a wide range of languages


  • - Only available for android phones
  • - Sometimes requires internet connection which is costly and sometimes unavailable
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SwiftKey Keyboard is a touch screen keyboard which is used to replace the classic devices’ on-screen keyboards. It is one of the most complete apps you can download for Android since it comes with an award-winning prediction engine which is able to predict the words that you will write next, making your texting a lot easier.

Once you download SwiftKey Keyboard and start using it, you will be surprised. The touch screen keyboard not only will remember the words that you type since it is also able to learn the way and the style you use to write your texts. Besides, it counts with an automatic word editor that can operate in three languages simultaneously as you type.

On the other hand, another outstanding feature is the innovative Swiftkey Cloud, which includes services like backup and sync, allows greater personalization and works with trending phrases. The first one allows you keep your data store safely as well as synced across all your devices. The second one enhances personalization by learning from your writing style and tailors your next-word predictions and auto-corrections. The third one analyzes Twitter and other news sources to capture words and phrases.

Other reasons to choose this touch screen keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard has many advantages above other apps of the same category. One you might find very useful is the fact that when you type, the autocorrect will pop up a whole phrase, adding the necessary spaces between words. You may think that adding spaces automatically is a simple task, but most apps will not do it and this process can be really frustrating when you are in a hurry.

Its sweeping system also places this app on top of others since you don´t need to press letter by letter as in a traditional keyboard. It includes a predictive text tool: just type some letters and the app will guess the word. To conclude, SwiftKey Keyboard is really smart software which makes the process of texting easier and allows a great level of personalization thanks to its themes and the improvements included in its cloud service.

SwiftKey Keyboard Features

The free download of the SwiftKey Keyboard Android app has many features that you will find very useful. Here you can find some listed below:

  • Prediction engine: learns how users write and predict the next word
  • Swiftkey Flow: users write phrases without lifting their fingers
  • Support 60 languages
  • Work in 3 languages simultaneously
  • Smart space: figure out where spaces have been missed
  • Themes: you can choose the color scheme and the theme that you like the most
  • Swiftkey Cloud: backup and sync, personalization and trending phrases

If you wish to know more information about SwiftKey Keyboard touch screen keyboard app for Android, please feel free to visit the developer´s site .

Minimum system requirements of your Android

For a correct free download of this Android touch screen keyboard app you will need to count on your device with:

  • Android 2.1 Éclair or higher
  • Mobile devices may need internet connection